Thursday, June 29, 2017

T-shirt Refashion!

I'm doing all kinds of stuff with t-shirts lately.

So, my brother Corey subscribes to Loot Crate, and greatly enjoys it. However, every so often he gets a t-shirt in the crates that he either doesn't really get or doesn't care about, it's not a fandom he's interested in. So if it's something that appeals to me, he will let me have the shirt since we aren't too far from the same size.  His shirts are one size bigger than I would get, so they're a little loose, but with my sewing skills that doesn't bother me. I know I can fix it. However, as previously mentioned, I have so many t-shirts. And since it's summer now I don't always want to wear shirts with sleeves, I'd rather wear tank tops. So when I went to adjust the sizing, I decided to turn them into tank tops. I saw a picture online of an altered t-shirt that I liked and decided to copy it, so this is what I did.

So here's the shirt. Classic 80s Transformers. Corey is too young to appreciate classic Transformers, and too smart to appreciate new Transformers. So I took it.

To start, I cut off the sleeves and collar. If all you were looking for was a classy way to show off your guns, feel free to stop here.

Make sure you're only cutting one layer of fabric, start roughly halfway on the sleeve cut upward at an angle through the shoulder and around the collar to create two triangular straps. Do this on both sides.
I hope that makes sense. By cutting it like this you get long straps that can be tied together.

For the next step I put the shirt on my mannequin, Lumpy Space Princess for simplicity's sake.  Then the straps are tied together right at the shoulder, aiming to make the knot on top of the shoulder seam.

The last step is to make all the sizing adjustments, taking in the sides and trimming off any extra or weirdly shaped areas to make it look nice. In the end, you get this.

I had four shirts that I did this with, and I'm pretty happy about it. I have cool new tank tops for summer!

T Shirt Quilt!

So, who doesn't love awesome nerdy t-shirts? I've bought so many of them over the years that I honestly couldn't say how much I've spent on them. I used to follow religiously and bought shirts constantly. However I always had a problem with woot shirts being just slightly too short for me. And as time went on and other shirt a day sites surfaced I found other places who's shirts fit me better, and that resulted in my poor woot shirts getting shoved in a drawer and never being worn. But just because I didn't wear them didn't make them less awesome. And it made me really sad that they never got any attention, especially with how many of them I had. So I decided to turn them into a wonderful cuddly t-shirt quilt. It may be on of the ugliest things I've ever made, and I was not careful on the straightness of the quilting lines, since I don't like quilting. It's so half-assed, but I don't even care. I love it so much. It's soft and snuggly and awesome.

I use it constantly.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

And Finally, Ghibli Deck, Wands Suit

And here's the last suit!  Since I didn't blog each suit as I went along you don't realize how long it took me to do each suit, but each one was wildly different. It took weeks to do the swords suit, but I knocked this suit out in a single day, just today at the office. Wands aren't too difficult, and I knew from the beginning  that the Catbus was the eight of wands. That was an easy choice, and I like it. I just need to throw the box design together and this thing is ready to print! God, I love my nerdy decks.

**Fun side note: The elemental symbols at the bottom of each card are actually the symbols for the different elemental attributes creatures can have in Studio Ghibli's video game Ni No Kuni. But no one will pick up on a detail that small unless I tell them. It just makes me happy.


2. official art
3. official art
6. official art
8. official art
10. screenshot
page. screenshot
queen. official art

Ghibli Deck, Cups Suit

The cups suit is my favorite suit in tarot, I just really connect to the emotions of the cups. And I always think that making the cups suit in these decks should be easy but somehow it never, never is. I always struggle with it. Aside from the more romantic cards at least. I can find couple artwork easy, it's the rest of the suit that throws me. But I eventually got it, and here it is.


2. been deleted from pixiv
5. screenshot
6. screenshot
7. screenshot 
page. artist pon00000, deleted from pixiv
knight. artist name Neptune, can't find the source
king. deleted from Pixiv

Ghibli Deck, Pentacles Suit

So, when I first started thinking about this deck I had a vague idea of having each suit focus on one of the four biggest movies, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and.... ummmm... well, I hadn't decided on the fourth one yet. But after I looked over my fanart collection I realized that it would be very very difficult to come up with enough specific artwork for the cards, and I didn't want to struggle with it. So I just picked whatever art I felt like worked. But if you look at the royalty of the suits you can see some of the suits had some definite leanings to which movie would have gone with each suit.  Pentacles flowed pretty easy, I didn't have too much trouble with this one. I hadn't originally intended to include the Tale of the Princess Kaguya in this collection since I hadn't seen it when I started, but instead I just bought the movie for my daughter for her birthday and watched it. I really liked it. And that moment fits the five of pentacles really well.


3. concept art
6. screenshot
8., no longer exists on deviantart
10. deleted off of Pixiv
page. official art

Studio Ghibli deck, Cups Suit

First of all, you should know I changed the High Priestess card for the majors.

You know, same character just better artwork I think.

And now, starting with the suit that I always expect to be really difficult and somehow it never is. As I started working on this suit, I had a tragic realization. I had planned to ignore the movie The Grave of the Fireflies because that movie is depressing as FUCK. But then I realized that there was a card that kind of needed to be depressing as FUCK. Damn you, three of swords. So there it is. Eat your heart out. The six of this suit was a difficult choice, and when I picked the artwork I thought I was choosing a picture of Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke leaving his village, but after some research turns out it's some other guy from a book made by Studio Ghibli, But the context still fits in the story and I'm gonna think of Ashitaka whenever I look at it anyways. So it works. All in all I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.



ace. official art
3. official art
5. official art
6. Official art
7. official art
8. deleted from Pixiv
10. screenshot
page. official art

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Studio Ghibli Tarot Deck!

Well, it happened. I finally got the motivation to make a new tarot deck! I knew when I made the last ones that someday I would want to make a Studio Ghibli deck, and that time is now. I thought about making decks for individual movies but I decided I'd have way too much trouble finding enough artwork for a whole deck. So I'm covering most of the movies, I just excluded a few of the lesser know ones.

First of all, the card back took me all of 30 seconds to make.

Literally just took the logo and mirrored it. Nothing more complicated than that. The Ghibli logo is very clean and simple so I decided to stick with that. 

I struggled a  little more with the frame for the artwork on the front, but in the end I came up with something adorable that I'm happy with.

Oh my god. I'm so excited about the Strength card. I'm so proud of that one and I love it so much. I also managed to cover most of the main characters of the main movies, which I'm happy about. I struggled a bit with the Justice card, I really couldn't come up with something good, so I picked a picture that seemed to show balance and duality to me. I don't know, it might be a stretch, but it works well enough in my head. Also, I'll have you know that I added the reflection and ripples effect to the Wheel of Fortune card, and I think it looks awesome.  So, there's the majors. I had some trouble finding artwork sources, but I got as many as I could.

soot sprite frame:
single soot sprite:


2. unknown
3. unknown
4. unknown
10. screenshot
12. Artist is called kyara36 but has made work private so I can't link it.
16. screenshot
17. artist name: hii10, work was deleted from pixiv
18. unknown