Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm not old enough to have a kindergartner.

I have not yet succeeded in convincing Shannon. I tried convincing her to have a backwards birthday or go bact to being a baby, and she wasn't having it. this is her at her table in her spot in her classroom. I'm not okay with it.

I got up early yesterday morning and got her dressed and fed. We went to the school, and found her classroom. it involved a little wandering around, I had no idea where I was going. Once we found it, her teacher came in. I was really impressed, when her teacher asked her what her name was, she actually answered her. we unloaded her supplies and I took some pictures. I've been worried for weeks that there would be hysterics when I tried to leave her at the school, so I hoped that by going early Shannon would have time to get settled in and be okay.

We went outside and she played on the playground for a while. I just stood there in the cluster of other parents, watching. when the bell rang, Shannon came up, grabbed ther wrong backpack- there was another girl there with a Hello Kitty backpack- put that one down, found hers and got in line. it was kind of hilarious looking at her next to the other kids. She's at least a sold four inches taller than the next tallest one. So I managed to make my way through the other parents, gave Shannon a hug and a kiss and told her I'd be back to pick her up when she got done. She said ok, and followed the line into the building. and then I had to rush to the car so I didn't embarass myself by bursting into tears. When I picked her up, she was super excited, and kept telling me all day that she missed school and wanted to go back. so that it. I have a kindergartner.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yes, they are. not my fault if you can't hear them.

These boots I just bought are telling me I need more skinny jeans.

So here's a little tmi for you: last night things got a little..... um..... distracted with Caleb and I while we were fooling around, and based on the time frame we just rolled the dice on me getting pregnant. Wasn't really planned. Oops. We'll never get to plan a pregnancy, will we? that'll be our luck and it'll take just the one shot to do it. Not even intentionally! well, nothing to do about it now. I figured I'd blog about it, because no one reads this, and it's not something I can really bring up in conversation.

Not much going on now. Shannon starts school next Tuesday. I may or may not be having panic attacks about this. I'm 25. I'm not old enough to have a kid in school. I took her shoe shopping last night (thus the boots) and got all emotional over buying shoes for her to wear for school. I still need to take her to get some new shirts too. Already got school supplies, which was surreal. And we got her a new backpack last night. we were going to use the airplane one my mom got her a while ago, but she keeps insisting she hates airplanes, and her insistance got louder when she saw the Hello Kitty backpack at the shoe store. so, with Payless' buy one get one half off sale I gave in. She's in morning kindergarten, which is what we wanted. But I'm still thinking I'm gonna see if I can switch shifts with the other parttimer at work, cuz I'm sick of dealing with Katie, Caleb's sister, for childcare. she's flaky and unreliable and always a liar. I'm actually very angry at her- she said she was going out of town for a week, so she couldn't watch Shannon, so I frantically made desperate other arrangements, and she didn't go out of town- but I can't actually do anything about it cuz we need her. And I'm tired of needing her and biting my tongue. so I emailed the other parttimer- Ben- and we'll see if this is possible. Of course, if I get pregnant, that loss of afternoon shift is going to be strongly regretted.

Monday, August 8, 2011

titles are boring.

well, my amazon shirts are here. the teal is darker than I though- for a second I thought it was gonna be black, and then I was going to be annoyed. But they're really pretty, and I'll try them on soon. so far everything looks good. Once I have pictures of me in them I'll put them up here.

Also, Marissa and I went and bought jeans yesterday. You know, those free jeans we got from CrowdTap. I did mention that didn't I? Free jeans? the dark pair on the left, the skinny jeans, are the ones that Marissa got. she wasn't sure about skinny jeans, but since they were free she decided to try it. the medium blue jeans on the right are the ones I got- they're called trouser jeans and they're SO COMFY. The jeans in the middle are ones that I tried on at the store, but they didn't have them in tall sizes, so I just ordered those online. apparently flares are back in and I LOVED it. unfortunately, I am 6' tall and regular length jeans just aren't going to cut it. So, online we go.

We bought tops to go with our jeans, of course. The black and white striped sweater is Marissa's- I am HIGHLY ENVIOUS. it looked really cute on her, and really good with the skinny jeans. However, when I tried on the same sweater, I knew right away it wasn't going to work for me. I put it on and leaned just a little back, and it immediately pulls up to show my stomach. way too short. sigh. The brown sweater is the one I got. (Marissa also got a matching one) It's an interesting shirt- it's a loose open weave, totally see through, so I have to put a tank top underneath. So I just pick a bright color to show through the sweater- I'm wearing it today and I went with pink- and it looks really cool. I also got some new pants for Shannon, since she starts kindergarten this year- figured she could use some school clothes, since Old navy had kids jeans on sale. Turns out Shannon doesn't like skinny jeans. I tried them on her and she did not approve. I thought they were cute, but they were for her to wear so I let her pick what she wanted.

I'm actually starting to be ready for cooler weather. I miss my sweaters, and now I'm getting new jeans, that I won't even wear yet cuz it's too warm. We wore our new clothes yesterday when we got home, but we were both woo warm in them. and I am wearing the sweater I got and because of the open weave it's not really a warm sweater, but I think I'm about ready for the weather to change.

Except for floating the river! Oooh, I'm a fan of that. I'd never been before and Saturday before last we finally decided to go. Of course- I had a meltdown the night before- I had planned to wear my navy tankini, but when I went to find it, the top was missing. I don't know where it is. I didn't want to wear my Hawaii swim suit, cuz the seams are starting to rip out. so I tried on my old leopard printed halter top one piece form several years ago. Yeah, NO. It did the most awful pear shaped thing to my body- my bust looked tiny and my belly and hips looks huge. So I had a massive self-esteem crash. it was bad. Crying and sulking and everything. Eventually Caleb found the correct solution to that- tell me to go buy a new swimsuit. So I got up early, and I took Shannon, cuz her current suit was getting too small, and she and I went swimsuit shopping. we started at Old Navy, but there was NOTHING left there but a few pieces of bikinis, which, after pregnancy, c-section, and gaining 10 lbs, that is NOT going to happen, so we moved on. We walked down that little strip mall, hitting Shopko, Marshalls, Ross and even Sportsman's Warehouse, and then Walmart at the end. Let me tell you what, swimsuit selection is not great at the end of July. At Walmart Shannon picked out a Dora the Explorer suit she really liked and I found a blue one piece with ruched sides (thereby hiding any belly issues I might worry about) that I loved. Nearly fought with Shannon over that, cuz there was a pink one I tried on too that she wanted me to get, cuz she likes pink better, but I wanted the blue.

So, that crisis out of the way, floating the river was really fun. We actually bought our own tubes, cuz renting was only slightly cheaper than buying, and with buying we were able to go again last Saturday and will go again this Saturday and probable every Saturday we can. I very much enjoyed it, and so did Shannon. She will never get to 25 like me and have to admit she's lived in Boise all her life and never floated the river. This Saturday, though, I don't think we will be inviting Josh and Sarah. I nearly slapped her this last time- she has NO patience for children and was snapping at Shannon, just being nasty and mean, and it was upsetting me. So I think this time we won't say anything to them, and invite Caleb's friend David instead. much more laid back. I love floating the river, because with Caleb's job, that has basically eliminated any chance of any more camping trips this summer. we got our 4th of July camping, and that's all. so floating the river gives us something outdoorsy and summery that we can do. I approve.