Monday, July 25, 2011


so, I realized I only feel like posting here when I've bought something I'm excited about. this time it's off of Amazon. These two tops. Now, I was really excited when I first saw them. I took the picture of the red one and posted it on facebook. I was asking for opinions. as you can see, it's a wild shirt. frilly and fancy- I couldn't decide. I loved it, naturally, but I couldn't decide if it was too much or not. Well, based on overwhelming support, I made up my mind that it wasn't too much and I was gonna buy it. However, in the process of my internal debate, I found the teal top. Just as appealing, but without the fancy sleeves. And turns out I couldn't make up my mind. So I bought them both. now, I have to say, I'm a little anxious about what the quality will be like. They are being imported from India. I read the seller's feedback, and only one complains about quality, and that was just a shoulder strap that from the description is easily fixed. If I have to fix something, that's fine. I just want to love them. the other negative reviews were from people who didn't know it was coming from India and was going to take a long time. the estimated delivery on the site says Aug 4-Aug 12. I'm prepared to wait. I'm just so nervous.

Also, once again, on Crowdtap, I have been selected for one of their sample and share programs, this one for jeans. So, free jeans for me! yay!

On a less shallow note-

Things are good right now. Really good. Caleb is so happy at his job. He's working at the prison, in case I haven't mentioned that already. And he loves it. And I love that he loves it. And I have a job that I love. There's a lot of love going around. Of course, my job's not really work, but that's probably why I love it. I'm customer service for a website that doesn't usually need customer service. Which means that I rarely, if ever, do any work. And, based on this, I have Caleb convinced that it's time to start trying to get pregnant. He asked me to give him a month or two to get more comfortable in his job, so I'm aiming at September. Just waiting now...

Monday, July 18, 2011

And again!

Yay! Old Navy loves me again! This time I got free tank tops. Which is AWESOME sine I'm practically living in tank tops now. As are Amanda, Marissa and Sarah, all my shopping partners. I was a little sad that it actually restricted me on the top we could get, but hey. free tank top. FREE. free is good. We me at my house this last Saturday, made the boys keep the girls, naturally. This wasn't a long shopping trip, since we were restricted. We found the tank top style we ould have, grabbed one in every color and took them to the dressing room. in the end we all got the same one, the black one you see here. we all liked it, and decided there was nothing wrong with matching. And then we wore them out to go see the new Harry Potter movie! I felt like a dork, but it was fun.