Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Studio Ghibli Tarot Deck!

Well, it happened. I finally got the motivation to make a new tarot deck! I knew when I made the last ones that someday I would want to make a Studio Ghibli deck, and that time is now. I thought about making decks for individual movies but I decided I'd have way too much trouble finding enough artwork for a whole deck. So I'm covering most of the movies, I just excluded a few of the lesser know ones.

First of all, the card back took me all of 30 seconds to make.

Literally just took the logo and mirrored it. Nothing more complicated than that. The Ghibli logo is very clean and simple so I decided to stick with that. 

I struggled a  little more with the frame for the artwork on the front, but in the end I came up with something adorable that I'm happy with.

Oh my god. I'm so excited about the Strength card. I'm so proud of that one and I love it so much. I also managed to cover most of the main characters of the main movies, which I'm happy about. I struggled a bit with the Justice card, I really couldn't come up with something good, so I picked a picture that seemed to show balance and duality to me. I don't know, it might be a stretch, but it works well enough in my head. Also, I'll have you know that I added the reflection and ripples effect to the Wheel of Fortune card, and I think it looks awesome.  So, there's the majors. I had some trouble finding artwork sources, but I got as many as I could.

soot sprite frame:
single soot sprite:


2. unknown
3. unknown
4. unknown
10. screenshot
12. Artist is called kyara36 but has made work private so I can't link it.
16. screenshot
17. artist name: hii10, work was deleted from pixiv
18. unknown


  1. I recently found your page and I love it! If you were to sell this deck, I would most definitely be interested. It's awesome!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like them. Unfortunately I can't sell them since the artwork isn't mine, but I had fun putting them together.