Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Doctor Who Scarf

Well, here it is.  Loom beading is very tedious.  I had to end it rather abruptly, because I ran out of thread on my loom. I thought I'd cut enough for the pattern that I was using, but I must have made a mistake in my math somewhere.  It's fine, this is plenty long enough.  I had some mild drama with it- if you look at the fringe on the end of the scarf, that was the color I'd originally selected for my purple segments.  Once I actually started getting it worked in, I hated it.  It was not the right color at all.  I tried to push through, figured I couldn't do anything about it now.  But the hate grew too strong, and I bought the much nicer color you see here.  Replacing the segments I'd already done involved CAREFULLY cutting the weft thread and avoiding the warp threads, which is much, much harder than it sounds.  I eventually realized I could just crush one of the beads with my pliers to get easier access to the weft, but apparently crushing a glass bead wrapped around a thin thread can occasionally cause damage to the thread- so I had a few warp threads cut that I had to figure out how to patch.  It was a bit awkward and knotty, but I managed.  And there are no visible flaws from this.  And as you can see, I ended up using the original purple color for the fringe.  It works.  I love it.

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