Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So, I love acquiring new hobbies.  My newest one is beading.  I found these pictures online:

And I had to have it.  If you're not sure, that is a small beaded version of the Fourth Doctor's scarf from Doctor Who.

You know, this guy:

geez, he looks like a nutter butter.  But that's why he's fun. 

Anyways, I've thought before about knitting the scarf, since it's one of those things that any self respecting crafty nerd is required to make. (along with the Firefly Jayne hat- I have the materials, I swear I'm gonna make it soon.) But what on earth would I do with a 20 ft long scarf?  It would be impossible to wear, except in costume, and when am I ever gonna have a chance to do that?  Also, UHG 20 feet of plain scarf knitting.  Just the thought puts me to sleep having nightmares of endless boredom.  But then I found the beaded necklace.  That is perfect.  I can wear that.  And we all know how I love to mix nerdy into my daily wear. So I immediately went out and bought a bead loom and taught myself bead weaving.  Not like it's hard, Shannon and I learned together, and she can do it no problem.

Of course, it wasn't good enough to just copy the pictures I found, I had to go to the official Doctor Who scarf site and carefully research my pattern and colors.  I ended up buying beads for it twice cuz I had such a hard time finding colors I liked.  Even now I'm not entirely pleased, mostly with the purple color I got.  But the person who made the necklace originally is selling them on Etsy for $125 each, which I think is majorly overpriced.  If I really don't like this one, I'll sell it for half that, and remake one for myself.  Selling this one might make me feel better about how much I've spent on beads.  I'm almost 3/4 the way done with it, and it's taken some time. I really don't want to remake it, but I will if the details bother me.  You know, cuz I'm crazy like that.  I'll put pictures up when it's done.

I've also been making a lot of other random jewelry just cuz I had the tools and supplies, since I now have a basic beginner's beading kit.  Maybe I'll post some pictures of the other stuff I've made.  I'm pretty proud of it.  I also want to learn kumihimo, which is Japanese round braiding.  It can be done with beads, and you end up with cool round ropes of beads.  I may run to the craft store on my lunch break.

I was knitting that shrug for my Rinoa thing, but I needed a break from knitting, so I put it away.  I'll finish it eventually.

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