Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yet another new dress...

Honestly, I just love making summer dresses.  They're surprisingly adorable and easy to make.  And I will wear them, I wear a lot of skirts in the summer time to work because I can't wear my shorts that are my usual summer clothes.  Also I really really really really really really really want it to be summer.  And I really really really really really really really want to go shopping and buy summer clothes which I really really really really really really don't need to do.  So I'm working with what I already have.  This time I'm working from this tutorial:
It's an adorable style.  And I have a fairly large amount of this brown and black striped jersey that I got forever ago with the intention of making striped leggings to go with my steampunk stuff, which I've never gotten around to.  I still have plenty left after doing this to do that still.  Here's mine:

hahahhhaaaa... Those are kind of terrible pictures.  I swear it's cute.  I'm very happy with it.  It looks much better on me than it does on Tipsy.  It's not a very exciting color, I wouldn't normally go for that, but it's what I had.  I didn't really follow the tutorial, I mostly just took the dress design as inspiration.  The skirt is your basic circle skirt (with no need to hem cuz yay jersey!)   The band around the ribs is just a strip sewn around the top of the skirt.  I had to gather the skirt a bit cuz I cut the waist in the skirt a bit too big.  But it was an easy fix.  For the top part, I measured the distance underneath my bust from the center of my chest to my side seam.  I added 2 inches to that to account for the overlap.  Then I kind of guessed how high up over my chest I wanted it to go and cut 4 triangles where the bottom width was my first measurement, and the height was the guess I'd made.  I cut 4, because then I could sew two together and then turn them inside out to have nice neat finished edges on the top.  Plus this fabric was just a teensy bit thin, and I worried about it being see through on the chest.  So I made the two triangles, pinned them to the front, overlapping a bit, and sewed them on.  After that was done I realized the back was too far down for me to wear a bra, and I'm just not able to work with the whole no-bra thing.  So I cut a small rectangular strip and sewed it across the back from one triangle to the other.  That covered my bra band perfectly.  I sewed ribbon to the points of the triangles for straps, so I can tie a big pretty bow behind my neck.

I though the color would be a problem for me, but the style turned out so cute that it really doesn't bother me.  Plus I just love circle skirts.  They're so twirly!

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