Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm not dead yet!

I just haven't had anything to post about.  I finished a corset, a pretty white lace one, but I don't have pictures yet.  And then I was lost for a while, without a project.  I played some video games, and went back to my study of tarot.  The book I was reading suggested I design my own deck.  It's a great way to really study the meanings of the cards and interpret them for yourself.  So I did.  And of course, knowing me, it's not going to be any deck, it's gonna be nerdy.  So it's Sailor Moon themed.  I finished it yesterday. It took several weeks and just shit tons of fanart.  Plus acquiring some photo editing skills I didn't have before.  But it turned out great and I've even sent it to a printing company so I can actually have my deck.  I'm vaguely considering doing a Final Fantasy and possibly Zelda themed deck too, but it was so much work to do this one I'm not sure if I want to.  Literally, weeks of work, doing almost nothing else during my hours at work.  (I love my job.)  It was such a relief to send it off yesterday.  I'm very proud of it.  I'm gonna post it here to show it off.

For the record, obviously the characters are not mine, and the artwork is not mine.  I will be collecting sources for the artwork, because I want to post this on Tumblr too, and they get all uptight about sourcing art over there.

7. Naoko Takeuchi
10. Naoko Takeuchi
20. Naoko Takeuchi

on some pages the actual art piece has been removed, so I just linked to the artist's page.

So, here's my major arcana.  Basically my main rule for this was no anime screenshots.  Manga colorings were fine, but I didn't want the cartoony look of the anime.  When I came up with this idea I looked around online to see if anyone else had done it, and I found two.  One had pretty art, but the selections and artwork didn't seem to have any connection to the meaning of the card.  The other was a little better, but it was done with anime art, and I felt it looked cheesy.  So I stuck to high quality fanart and manga colorings.  And I tried to stay away from artbook art, since I wanted to get this printed without a printing company being worried about legality. Basically I thought about the meaning of the card, and went through my collection of fanart on Pinterest and found the picture that seemed most right to me.  Some were easy, some were hard, and some got remade after extensive searches on Google, Deviantart, and Tumblr for more art.  There isn't any kind of theme to the major arcana, I just tried to make sure each main character got at least one card all to themselves.  And I felt the meanings lined up quite nicely with the people in them.

I'll do a separate post for the suits, otherwise that's a lot of images in one post.

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