Friday, April 25, 2014


Bonus! This is what the back of the cards looks like.  It's deceptively simple, but that little fucker is perfectly symmetrical, and it took me a whole eight hour shift to do that.  Well, that plus I did have to edit the frame a bit.  it's the same as the one on the front, but simplified to be symmetrical. Okay, symmetrical isn't the right word.  Perfectly reversible. that's better. And the moon thing was edited because the original has darker shadows on the bottom half of the crescent.  Then I just doubled it and mirrored it to get the double moon.

And if you were paying attention you'll noticed I used different items from Sailor Moon on each suit.  The Cups were the Holy Grail, the Wands were the Moon Wand, the Pentacles were Sailor Moon's star brooch, and the Swords were Sailor Uranus' Space Sword.

here's the sources for all the background art, if you're interested:
pentacles symbol:
swords symbol:
cups symbol:
wands symbol:

that's all of it.  and it's all been sent off to a printing company.  I can't wait to actually hold and see my cards.

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