Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Final Fantasy Deck

Yeah, I like designing tarot decks with nerdy things.  So I made a Final Fantasy one.

Coming up with themes was easy, finding art to fit my self imposed restrictions was not.  The rule here was fanart only, no game screenshots.  The theme for the Major Arcana was any Final Fantasy but VII, VIII, IX and X, as those were each going to get their own suit.  I stuck to ones I've played, and VI is pretty heavily favored, since that's my favorite pre-VII Final Fantasy.

The World is probably my favorite card in this whole deck, because it looks badass printed.  (Yeah, I've already gotten my actual deck.  I'm gonna get some good pics of the actual decks for this and the Sailor Moon deck and post them.  They look amazing.)

For anyone who might want to print their own copy of the deck, this is my Mediafire link for the files:

And this is the site where I got them printed:

Please remember, this artwork isn't mine, so it isn't yours either, and you may not print these decks for commercial use, personal use only! If I find that happening I will notify every artist who's art I used and we will stop you.

6. Artist koutoubu, no longer online


  1. Absolutely fantastic! I want to print these up! Do you planning on finishing the deck with minor Arcana?

  2. Oh my these are amazing! I've been looking for an anime deck, which I can't believe *someone* hasn't brought to market yet. I'll be checking out the rest of your site, but yay! and thank you! {Fantasy gaming will hold me until I find, or make, a true anime deck :) }