Friday, June 13, 2014


So, like I said previously, there's no theme for the suits, but I did mark the frames so the suits would be a little different.  If you noticed, in the Majors I had the Medallion of Shadow in the corners of the frame.  It went well with the less down to earth meanings of the cards.  Or, to be perfectly frank, it was the one left over after I used Light for the card back and assigned the others to suits... Spirit would have seemed appropriate for the Majors, but I felt like it matched up elementally better with Swords than Shadow would  have.  And those were the only choices, because obviously Wands are the Fire medallion, Pentacles are the Forest medallion and of course Cups are the Water medallion.  The choices were not arbitrary, they were practically made for me.  But there is no Air medallion, so I felt that Spirit was closest.  Anyways, point is, the Cups suit is using the Water medallion, with a bottle of Lon Lon Milk at the top for extra Cups-iness.  I liked it.

also, I  don't want to put the artist down, because I think its a beautiful piece, and I love it, but if you look at the original source for the 8, you'll notice I actually widened her waist by a not insignificant amount.  I mean, I love the picture, and the artist is very talented, but be reasonable, man! The original looks like the weight of her upper body is going to snap her spine! Seriously!


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