Thursday, June 25, 2015

Avatar: The Swords Suit

I tell you what, I am having a hard time with this deck. I cannot find artwork nearly as close as I want for card meanings. Although I am happy with my choices for the royalty, and to emphasize the more positive side of the 10 of swords, for all that that's a picture of Zuko crying. It's leaning more on the worst is over meaning for that card, that I've always preferred. But goddamn, I have spent all day doing the second half of this suit, and it was exhausting. I fought hard for each card, and I'm still not entirely pleased with some of them. Katara doesn't look so much trapped in the 8 as she does just terrifying, even if she is all bound up in vines. Although I stand by my choice for 9, Koh was fucking terrifying and if you disagree you're wrong. I don't know, I hope you can see what I was going for. It mostly makes sense in my head. Mai is the perfect queen, and Asami as king might not make sense to you, but in my mind Asami is the one who has a strong sense of right and wrong, and it works for me.


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