Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Okay, so sometimes I have trouble focusing on one project....

So, I recently got Amanda into reading tarot cards. Because I like to share my obsessions. It makes everything more fun. So we've done a lot of tarot together, and of course she's seen all my decks that I've made. And she has looked around at other decks, and she found one that was done with classic pin up girls. Which she really liked the idea of, but she didn't like the deck itself. So she decided we should make a pin up deck of our own, and do it together. So that's what we've been working on.  I'm working on the Avatar deck too, don't worry, it'll all get done.  But I really loved the idea of a pin up girl deck too, so I got all excited and, well, you know how distractable I am. Anyways, I just finished the major arcana so I'm gonna post them here. Yes, I know there are two High Priestesses right now, that's cuz I haven't decided which to print yet.

First Disclaimer: The usual one. This is not my art, this is for personal use only, DO NOT steal my files and try to sell them. I will be more than happy to give them to you if you are just using them for yourself. I apologize in advance for the lack of artwork sourcing, I found these pictures in all kinds of random places online, sources just became way too difficult.

Second Disclaimer: This is artwork of sexy girls. Sometimes sexy girls don't wear clothing. You have been warned.

Because it was bothering me, here is a list of artists whose art I used for my cards. This is probably not a complete list and I don't have it broken down for which artist is which card, but at least I can give some credit.

Alberto Vargas
Gil Elvgren
Bill Randall
Al Buell
Joyce Ballantyne
Peter Driben
Jules Erbit
Rolf Armstrong
Earl Moran
Art Frahm
Baron von Lind
Arthur Sarnoff

Also, the genie girl will be the High Priestess, the other girl, gorgeous as she is, just doesn't seem to match. I am vaguely considering doing a 60s-70s pulp art style deck as a companion to this one though, she'd go very well in there.

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