Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Avatar: The Pentacles Suit

okay, so I realize this may make it look like I got through this suit really fast, but in the interest of total honesty, I had everything but the ten and the royalty done before I got distracted by the pinups. So it didn't really take me long to finish it up. But I feel like this suit turned out pretty well. My biggest concern is that my picture of Uncle Iroh is too aggressive for the king, but upon further study, I don't think so. The king of pentacles does have power and discipline in his personality, which I would say is definitely part of Iroh. And I think it makes sense to show his less gentle side for this position. Plus, that is my all time favorite view of Iroh. I mean, good god, man, he is going to wreck some shit.

I was also worried that Ursa wasn't an important enough character to be in the royalty, but she makes such a good queen of pentacles. And after discussing it with Amanda I decided that her impact on her children was strong enough to justify it. Plus she's so pretty!

2. http://anghuiqing.deviantart.com/art/Firebender-504092094
6.Mordaunt on deviantART-deleted
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king. screenshot

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