Thursday, July 16, 2015

Avatar: The Cups Suit

Well, here it is. I'm done. I just cranked out two decks pretty quickly. The cups suit went pretty easily. I love my couples artwork. And do you see how good I was? I only included canon couples and my love of Zuko and Katara as a couple is nowhere reflected in this deck. I love that pairing, so very very much, but it didn't happen and I didn't include any of my shipping artwork. And I have some pretty ones too. Sigh. Oh well. I have some good ones of Aang and Katara too. Although it was tough to find Zuko and Mai. I guess the fandom doesn't like her much. Oh, I never mentioned what I learned yesterday when I made my wands card. I learned that the Avatar fandom doesn't give a fuck about Ty Lee unless she's having sex with Azula. Fanart of Tylee just by herself almost doesn't exist. But I can find all the porn in the world of Tylee and Azula. That was not what I was looking for however. At least I managed to find something.

Also, check out that nine of cups. Oh my god, I was so excited when I made that decision. That may be the most perfect choice I've ever made for the wishes granted card. God, that one makes me so happy.

Now, to make some box designs and send it all to print!


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