Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Swords Suit- Pin Ups

Two in one day! I told you the swords wouldn't take me long. I'd pretty much already made all the replacements other than the royalty. Now, irritatingly enough I wasn't able to follow my themes for knights and pages in this suit because there just wasn't as much military pinup art as I would like. But my royalty is a matched set of four, and I think that's pretty neat. I'm actually very happy with this suit, which is odd considering the fact that I always struggle with the swords suit, we just don't get along, plus I was trying to depict tragedy and heartbreak with happy cheerful pin up girls. I don't know I just like how it came out.

Also, that 5 of swords. I laughed forever when I found that. I never thought finding a picture to mean cutthroat and win at all costs would be so easy. God I love that one.

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