Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here's the plan.

So, we start on Thursday. and for once in my lazy life I am going to follow through with something! Here's the plan.

switch back to sitting on the yoga ball at work.
start carrying a water bottle everywhere.
Breakfast at work: whole wheat bagels and fruit
snacks: fiber meal bars, special K cereal, fruit, veggies.
watch portions at meals.
no soda.
no fast food.

(Friday Night is my exception night, when I can break my rules as long as I keep it under control.)

Mon-Wed-Fri- P90X videos
Sun-Tues-Thurs- running at school track, pilates DVD
Daily- waist and stretching segments from workout DVD
Saturday- rest, still doing waist workout

the days these are done are interchangeable depending on weather and whatever other factors, as long as I'm doing one or the other every day. I am also free to add in whatever work I feel up to doing.

This is the plan. THERE WILL BE NO DISPLAYS OF WEAKNESS. For ONCE I'm going to be proud of myself for following through.

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