Thursday, February 23, 2012

yay for torpedoing my self esteem!

weight: 162 lbs. 41" around at the butt, 38" around at the widest part of my stomach. 33" at the ribs. that's quite a difference. 24" at the widest part of my thigh. for reference, I am exactly 72" tall- 6 feet even. so yes, I'm never going to be petite. I'm okay with that. what I want is for my belly to NOT look like I'm in my second trimester.

based on a chart I found online here, healthy weight for a 6 foot tall woman with a medium frame is 148-162 lbs. so while I'm not overweight, I'm pushing it. I DO NOT WANT TO BE PUSHING IT. My ideal weight is 150 lbs. so my goal with this upcoming month is to drop 10 lbs. any more than that is gravy, but that's what I want to feel like I've succeeded. along with a smaller waistline. my workouts will be including plenty of focus on the middle. so there's the stats. I will work on a battle plan and get that up here.

again, I know it could be worse. I'm aware. I don't talk about my insecurities around women who weigh more than me because apparently the fact that I don't weigh 400 lbs means I don't get to be insecure. this seems unfair to me. the only people who understand how I feel are women built like me that are just starting to slip. And why should I wait until I'm 400 lbs and need an electric wheelchair to get around to do anything about it? I'm gonna get a handle on this before it gets out of hand. I'll probably still never wear a bikini, even if I lose the weight, but that has more to do with my stretch marks than anything else. I'm at peace with those, though. I had a frickin' baby. yeah, that's gonna leave a mark.

so, here's the starting line. lets see how far I can push this.

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