Friday, October 4, 2013


tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!

Yes. That is a little stuffed Luna.  Because I'm the best parent ever.

Moon Tiara Magic!

 Shannon's Halloween costume is done!  I'm so ridiculously proud of this.  Look at my adorable little Soldier of Justice!

I made this myself, and I love how it turned out.  Here's a breakdown of what I did:

Tiara was purchased, and odango covers are circles of cardboard covered in duct tape and glued to clips to attach to her hair.  The choker, which you can sorta see, is just a piece of ribbon with a gold painted crescent cut out of cardboard glued on.  No earrings, because her ears aren't pierced.  I've toyed with the idea of clip ons, but I probably won't bother.

Also, love the crazy eyes in this pic.

Gloves were purchased.  I tried to make gloves and failed.  These originally were trimmed in lace and beads and fake pink jewels with Disney princesses on them.  I took all that off, and sewed three strips of ribbon together, then attached that to the top of the gloves.

Bodice was a longsleeved white v neck shirt.  I cut the sleeves down to short sleeve length, then rolled that up filled with quilt batting for the tops of the sleeves.  I made up a pattern for the collar and stitched ribbon to it.  The brooch was a milk carton lid painted gold.  The crescent and center jewel are made out of hot glue and painted over.  Glued on the rest of the jewels.  I straight up hot glued the brooch to the bow, cuz I just plain didn't want to try to figure out how to attach it any other way.

The front bow is removable, attached with snaps and velcro, to make it easier to get in and out of the costume.

The bows are just rectangles of satin gathered in the middle.  The actual bow is stiffened with interfacing so it stands up.

Around the waist of the bodice I took a strip of fabric trimmed from the shirt and stitched it into a tube with quilt batting inside.  I attached a long piece of blue satin to this, pleating it as I went along.  I closed up the skirt and then attached the whole piece to the bottom of the shirt.  I had wanted top buy a white dance leotard and attach the skirt to that, but I wasn't able to find a cheap one.  This works.

The costume does have boots, they're just boot covers made out of duct tape, but they're a bit of a hassle, since they literally just tape on, so I didn't put them on for this set of pictures.  I'll get pictures of them on Halloween.

Isn't she fantastic? She does the poses, and she knows Sailor Moon's catch phrase in Japanese and English.  Because, as previously discussed, I am the best parent ever.

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