Thursday, October 10, 2013

Steampunk and Cosplay Pictures Part 2!

And here's the cosplay.  Just two outfits, but several pictures.

First, Jessica Albert!

Still a few minor details missing, like her pouch, a clip for her whip, and boot covers.  and the belt has some issues.  But the main part is done.  I've even got her necklace and earrings that she wears in the game but don't show in the official art.   Can't really see them though.  The shirt used to be a turtleneck that I cut and hemmed, and added elastic around the top.  The skirt was a curtain, and I just liked the rich color and texture of the fabric.  The petticoat is just a bedskirt with a lacy ruffle that I cut in half, sewed together and added an elastic waistband.  I layer it with my other petticoat for my steampunk outfit to fill out my bustle skirt a bit more.  The corset is an actual boned corset made from a pattern I drafted myself, which I'm rather proud of.  It's also the first time I tried binding with with the same fabric it was made of instead of store bought bias tape.  So much prettier.

And my other outfit.  I finally managed to get some decent shots of me actually in my Rinoa outfit.

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