Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Final Fantasy Alternate Versions

Soooo... I had a hell of a time with the Final Fantasy deck. I don't know why, but I couldn't make up my mind on anything.  There are lots of alternates here.

The Major Arcana


I had some debated on who should be Empress. Since I was excluding FF VII, VIII, IX, and X it made the choice difficult. I adore the first one, but that's Tseng and Aerith from FFVII, so that wasn't going to work. (The TsengxAerith ship is a favorite of mine. Not in a happily ever after way, in an unrequited he wants her but can never have her kind of way. It's tragic and beautiful.)  I decided on Lightning because of her protective almost motherly attitude towards Serah, and as pretty as that other picture is, the one I went with was just better.  This picture's always bothered me anyways. It's gorgeous, but Lightning would never wear a flower crown.


This was simply artwork debates. Either was good, I went with the other. I may not have liked FFXII very much, but Fran was far and away the best thing about that game and there is a lot of pretty, sexy art of her.

I was trying SO HARD to get Kain in here.  I love FFIV and Kain is a facinating character. But obviously Gau makes a better hermit.  So it got changed.

changed this when I found the other picture of Celes and Kefka's tower. I needed to get Celes in somewhere, so that where she went.

Another attempt to find a place for Celes.  But when I found the Kefka's tower picture I was able to change this one to a picture of Kain. So I got almost everybody I wanted in.

The Cups Suit

Good god. Final Fantasy VIII is my all time favorite Final Fantasy, and it's popular enough that there's lots of art, but for some reason, this suit was just. so. hard. By the end of this one I was so pissed off I wanted to quit.  Which is sad for my favorite game.


I had some difficulty with the ace.  The Zell one I made because I was struggling to find a place for Zell. The other... well look at it.  They're so happy that my eyes water whenever I look at it.  But for the meaning of the card, the one of Squall and Rinoa at the ball was really better.  I did get this one printed too, though.  I just- I just couldn't not.


Source: Unknown

I knew for sure that the ace and the 2 were gonna be SquallxRinoa and LagunaxRaine.  But with all the art I had for them, I just couldn't decided which would be which.  This was my SquallxRinoa version of the 2. And yes, I printed this one too.
 Source: Deleted from Pixiv

Basically I made two versions of this, one of the boys and one of the girls, and then planned to pick based on which characters needed more representation. It ended up being pretty even, so I went with the girls since I like them more. :)


This one wasn't too hard.  And I had plenty to choose from. Good lord there's a lot of FFVII art out there.

I changed this when I found the other picture of Barrett and Marlene that I used for the 6. I needed to open up a slot for Cait Sith/Reeve anyways.

Source: Unknown
Just artwork debates. Two pretty pics of Cloud and Aerith living happily ever after, went with the other.

Artwork debates again.  There is an ungodly amount of gorgeous art of Aerith.  Just Aerith alone. It's overwhelming.


This one was pretty hard too. I really, really, really didn't want to put Quina in it. I never used that character, don't care for it, and found hardly any art for it. But in the end I felt bad. I felt like I should make sure that each playable character gets is.  Especially since I feel the same about Amarant, but I managed to find a place for him.
This was where I made room for Quina.  I liked the starting out feel of this picture for an ace, but in the end, this was the only place where I could stretch the meaning of the card to at least somewhat fit with one of the pictures I had of Quina.


This was my first choice for the 4.  I love how sweet they look.  But I changed it because otherwise I didn't have a cute picture of Zidane and Garnet together.  I printed this anyways, though, because I think I still like this one better.

 Sources: unknown

the 6 changed a lot.  These were mostly just because of trying to get different characters in.  This just ended up being Eiko's spot.

 Source: Yoshitaka Amano

I wanted to use Queen Brahne, but other than screenshots, there are about four pieces of art that exist of her: This one, which is the concept art, two that are badly drawn illustrations of fanfic, and one piece with Quina that proves you can find porn of anything. I decided I'd rather have a place for Amarant.

I originally wanted Eiko to be my page, but I also knew that I wanted Beatrix to be my queen. Which left no royalty spot for Garnet, since I didn't feel like she fit in at the Knight spot, and Steiner was DEFINITELY my king.  So I changed it.  I just couldn't stand to not have Garnet in the royalty. She's a princess, dammit.

Artwork debates.  Beatrix was easily my queen, and easily my favorite character, so picking just the right picture was the issue.


well, I thought I had some alternates for Wands, but I guess I don't. That suit wasn't as hard as the others.  Nevermind. Nothing to see here.

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