Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sailor Moon Alternate Versions

I'm gonna start with my first deck, the Sailor Moon deck.

First of all, there were no alternates of the Major Arcana, or the Wands suit. I was able to narrow it down there without too much problem.


This is the only alternate card for Cups. basically, I knew I wanted to do a princess couple for the 2, but I found two different pieces of two different couples, both of which I love the idea of them being together. I even went to the internet for their opinion of which I should choose.  Everyone agreed that this one looked more "Cups-y" but I just couldn't let go of the other one.  I actually ended up getting both printed so I can use whichever I like.



Just these two for five.  I had trouble finding the right picture for this one.  They fit the meaning, but the one of Usagi didn't fit the theme because that is clearly the remains of her senshi uniform, and this is supposed to be civilian forms.  The one with Rei was better, but it bothered me that Jadeite was in it.  I was super uptight about the themes.


Lots of alternates here. I changed my mind a lot.


I liked the feel of this card for the ace, but this one got changed for two reasons: I had my heart set on the 10 being the one of Beryl with the rose, and as I was finishing, I realized I hadn't gotten one with the Amazoness Quartet.  So I changed it. I do still love this picture though.


I LOVE this picture.  and it greatly saddens me that I didn't get more Naru or her little romance in this deck more. Or at all.  But I just couldn't find a good place for it.  Naru didn't belong with the Villain theme, and Nephrite couldn't be any where else.  I just missed Usagi's whole normal life, parents, brother, friends, and that makes me sad. I really wanted to get Ikuko and Kenji and Shingo and Motoki and Naru in. Finding art of them was incredibly frustrating though.


I like this, and I really felt like it got the card's meaning across, of being trapped.  But As I was working on this set I realized I really wanted the four Shittennou to be the royalty of the Swords suit. So it got rearranged.


I just- I dunno.  just changed my mind. I wasn't that excited about this one.

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These were just my picks for royalty before I decided to do the Shittennou.  I don't think Rubeus or Kaolinite made it back into the deck after getting cut here.  I did miss several prominent villains- Rubeus, Esmeraude, Kaolinite, Professor Tomoe, Wiseman, the Sailor Animates. (which is SAD, I love Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow.) There were just WAY too many for me to get them all.  And that's ignoring all the pointless Monsters of the Day.  As it is most of them had to share a card to even get in. Lots of group shots.

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