Friday, August 22, 2014

FMA Card Back

And this is the card back.  I'm pretty pleased with it.

symbol circle.
transmutation circle on back.
background texture.
all were heavily edited by me.

Something I discovered while working on this, is that the internet doesn't love Sig and Izumi Curtis NEARLY enough. It is shockingly difficult to find good art of Izumi and damn near IMPOSSIBLE to find any of Sig.  I was very upset by this.

**Edit** Also, I neglected to mention, while there wasn't any theme for the suits, if you'll look you'll see that the symbol in the transmutation circle in the card frame above the card name is different in each suit- those are the alchemical symbols for the four elements and I was careful to make sure that each symbol corresponds to the elements associated with each suit- Cups/Water, Wands/Fire, Pentacles/Earth, Swords/Air.

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