Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Rinoa Project

So, if you remember, I mentioned this other project when I was working on my duster.  I wanted to create this outfit of Rinoa's from some fanart I found.  I love this version of Rinoa's outfit.  And, since I ran out of black yarn RIGHT BEFORE THE END of my granny jacket and need something else to do while I wait for the rest of my yarn to ship to me, I decided to work on this.  Already have the armwarmers, obviously.  I have half a dozen black tank tops I can use for this.  I had a plain denim skirt, but it recently came to my attention that the skirt was sitting badly and causing some self conciousness issues that didn't need to be there so I got rid of it.  So I need a new one, but that's not hard.  And I have a plain black belt.  I can't tell what the neclace is, something with wings, I don't know.  I have a necklace that is a winged heart, and I decided to order a Griever necklace, even though she's clearly not wearing Griever, just cuz it's cool and would be appropriate.  I'll figure out something for the bracelet.  Her legs are hard, there's not much to see there.  it looks like some kind of leggings with zippers, or stockings, or it may even be thigh high boots.  Not sure.  I may just do my own thing with thigh high stockings and something else for shoes.  thigh high boots, while awesome, and I do want some, are a bit out of my reach.  Stockings are much easier.  The shrug, of course, I am knitting.  I found a pattern that was simple enough, and close to the right shape.  I had to sit and redo all the math for the number of stitches and rows and whatnot, cuz I'm using the same yarn and needles I did for the duster.  so now, once again, I am knitting and purling on tiny, tiny needles.  sigh....

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