Saturday, April 6, 2013

Granny Takes a Trip

So, finally almost there with my granny square jacket.  I love the way my colors look.  the picture is the squares all laid out the way the pattern says to.  It took so long to make all those squares and it was SOOOO tedious.  they're not terribly interesting squares, and there's so many... I did the godets for the sleeves in pink, grapefruit, yellow and teal. I also kinda obsessed over the color arrangements, trying to make sure that there were no two squares the same.  I wrote out color orders and planned it.  somehow I still ended up with two sets that were the same.  I was very disappointed.  So of course I made new ones.

and after laying it out and doing some math I realized the sleeves were going to be way short.  the body is a bit shorter than I want it too.  So I"m adding a row to the sleeves, possibly the body too, I haven't decided yet.  And I've reduced the sleeves to three rows wide, instead of four.  They were going to be really loose and baggy.  My only concern is that now the armpits could be too tight. If that's the case though,. I'm pretty sure I could make some more of the triangle pieces to loosen the armpits while still keeping the slimmer arm. Of course, this means I will have one set of godets that goes unused.  Mildly annoying.  Probably the grapefruit ones I think.

still messing with it.

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