Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rinoa Heartilly

Please excuse the massive image dump, but this particular sweetheart has so much detail, I'm so proud of her.

Rinoa Heartilly!  I had this idea, and I just couldn't resist.  Now I have a matching doll to carry around when I'm dressed as her!  you know it's totally a Rinoa thing to do, to have a cute little doll of herself. :)

She's based on the Tinkerbell pattern with the alterations I made for the Sailor Moon dolls for the body. The skirt is the same, but with only like two or four increases so it fits over her hips.  Her skirt doesn't flare at all. silver buttons were embroidered on.  Her boots are the same as Jupiter's, with the little silver buckles embroidered on.  Her legs are six rounds of skin color and six of black, with the lines for the zippers embroidered.  Her necklace is two strands of embroidery thread chained on a 1.3 mm hook (SO HARD TO DO.  tiny hooks suck.) and a loop on the bottom to look like a ring.  Her arms are two rounds of skin color, three of blue, and three of skin for her armwarmers.  Her hair is Ariel's pattern with the short hair variation for the strands, and Sailor Moon's bangs, but only four on each side.  and I just embroidered the highlights on with brown.

The duster.  that was the biggest thing I created for this.  I ought to be an expert at Rinoa's duster, right?

started at the bottom, chained 15, so it would be 14 sts across.  went up until it reached her hips, decreased two stitches each on the next two rows to 10 st,  crocheted across until it reached about her armpits, sl st next 3, sc in next 4, sl st, turn, ch 1, sc in 4 previous 4 sc, turn.  I think I did four or five rows of 4 sc.  at each corner of the 4 sc bit I ch-5 and joined it to the point of the piece where it was still 10 sc across to make the arm straps.  the tails from the hains worked perfectly to tie it across her chest, and the wings are handpainted on by me, using the same picture I used for my own duster as reference.  I tried to get as much detail as possible, but it was a very small space.  I think I did pretty good though.

I think that's all the details. I had so much fun working out every part.  She is also for sale in my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Lynlynlora

And now I really think I need more Final Fantasy character.  Ohhh, these will not be easy.

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