Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big News! I suppose. I made an Etsy shop.

People tell me over and over that I should sell the things I make.  I did once, I made like six moogles and sold them at my local game store.  they didn't sell fast, but they did sell, and it was kinda cool.  But I didn't like mass producing them, it kinda took the fun out.  But I realized I can make them made to order on Etsy, so I made an Etsy shop, if anyone wants a Sailor Moon Doll.  it's here:

Out of courtesy, I messaged the designer I bought the Disney Princess patterns from, showed her my dolls and asked her permission to sell the dolls.  They are heavily modified, but I still used parts of her patterns.  She had no problem with it, as long as I wasn't selling any part of the pattern.  The only thing I'm selling is the dolls, and even here on my blog, the only thing I've put on here is the things I've done differently, you'd still need the patterns my dolls are based on to make it make sense.  I love her patterns, so I'm not going to steal that part from her.

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