Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's start with this.

My name is Jessica. I’m 25, a Scorpio, and I live in Idaho. My husband is Caleb, who asked me to our senior Prom as a “friend-date” since the girl he really wanted to ask had already been asked. By the end of the night we realized we really like being around each other, and if you want to be really lame and cheesy, you could say the rest is history. I won’t though. We were married in 2005, although there was a slight complication…. something to do with a highly Mormon family and a baby due in March of 2006 when the wedding was in December of 2005. yeah. wheee! scandal! but it happened. That little scandal’s name is Shannon, and she’s five years old now. She starts kindergarten this fall.
So. I love reading. Obsessively. I have dreams of having a room in my house I can call my library and having the walls coated with books. And I have my Kindle for sheer portability of said library. I used to think I could write, I don’t anymore. I still play around with it, but it mostly just embarrasses me. I am also the rarest of creatures: The Gamer Girl. I love video games. Unfortunately, I have no skill with shooters, which would elevate me to a whole new level of epic-ness, but I’m a major RPG girl. Primarily Final Fantasy. I’ve played all of them, except 11, cuz I don’t do MMOs. In my current job, in which I am customer service for a website that is still in beta- (I’ve been there for three months, and I’ve answered one call and three emails. I love my job.) I take my PSP to work and play video games all day. I finally beat Patapon recently and I’m replaying FFVII: Crisis Core on the Hard difficulty.
To add another layer to the nerdiness that is me, I’m also a major Magic: The Gathering the card game player. And I’m good at it. I don’t win as much as Caleb does, but I can hold my own. I also picked up The Legend of the Five Rings the card game, which I’m also enjoying.
At the moment, my wants in life are simple. Caleb finally graduated with his Associate’s degree in December and just last week got a position as a Correctional Officer at the prison, which is what we’ve been waiting for. So all I want now is a new baby. that desire pretty much defines me at the moment. It occurs to me, this blog could make a spiffy pregnancy/baby journal for that baby to read when it gets older. Anyways, I have been promised that after waiting five years since my last one, that once Caleb is through training, we can finally start trying to have a baby. I cannot express how happy I am about that.
Today, life is a waiting game. Shannon tried to make microwave macaroni and cheese for breakfast this morning, before I woke up. I was alerted to this fact when she came in to my room and woke me up, saying “Mommy, my macaroni is smoking. My macaroni’s not supposed to smoke.” and then I realized that smell was the smell of something burning. In the microwave I found a pile of charred macaroni noodles and a melted plastic bowl. As I sit here typing, I can smell the smoke in my hair. Sigh.
okay. I think we’ll call that good for today.

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