Monday, June 27, 2011

Whee! Shopping trip!

So, I finally got to go on my Old Navy Shopping trip! There was a little bit of a complication, Sarah called me on Thursday and told me she had forgotten she had to work Saturday. Now, I was upset. I've been looking forward to this trip for a long time. I love new clothes. I believe I've covered this obsession previously. so, well, now what do I do? I don't want anyone left out, so I tried to reschedule. she said she wasn't working Friday, but she'd be out of town next weekend. Well, Friday is Friday Night Magic night, but I already knew that Phoenix Fire, our store, was doing a draft for the first event. I was not terribly interested in the draft, I didn't need the new cards and it costs a little more. Marissa felt the same. However, Amanda had family visiting Friday night. Of course. She talked about rescheduling with her family, but Aarom wouldn't let her, saying it would be rude. It probably would be, but it bothers me when he bosses her like that. So, now what? I can't push this trip bak two weeks. So I figure, I'll just give Sarah her coupon and she can just go herself when she has a chance. I don't like this solution, I feel bad leaving Sarah out. When I call her to tell her, she also sounds slightly disappointed. so.... Better Solution! Sarah and I go shopping by ourselves Friday night! Yes! I like it! I have two gift cards and a Groupon I've been saving for this trip, so I'll just spend those on Friday and use my coupon on Saturday with Amanda and Marissa. Yay!

So, Sarah and I meet at Old Navy Friday night. since Caleb and Zach are playing Magic at ABU Games, (They didn't want to play in the draft either) I have to take Shannon with us. Not the end of the world, I suppose. I'm surprised by how much fun Sarah and I had. We browsed, and picked out random things to try on. I found the shoes I'd been eyeing online for a while online in the color I wanted and my size. Since I wasn't using my coupon yet, I had them hold them for me. Sarah got some really cute multi colored shorts, which were labeled several size smaller than her normal size, so she was happy when they fit, and a t shirt and some flip flops. I got two tank tops and the khaki colored shorts you see above. Crazy comfy, by the way. I think I'm in love, and I may end up buying the other colors. I felt bad, checking out, cuz I was using a Groupon for the shorts, which had to be one transaction, and a regular giftcard, which was another transaction, which I paid the difference with my debit card, and then a $10 reward card from my old navy credit card and a 15% off coupon, both of which I had to use my card to get, but since I don't carry my card anymore, they had to look it up. I took forever. but I only spent $10 for all that. I can live with that.

Afterwards, we went over to the smoothie place across the parking lot and had smoothies. It used to be a Jamba Juice, I forget what it is now, but it's still smoothies. Naturally, Shannon didn't like the one I got for her, so I got to finish hers as well as mine. But it was a lot of fun. I don't hang out with Sarah as much as I should.

Saturday was a little stressful to begin with. Caleb didn't want me to leave Shannon with him, cuz he wanted to work on our car, and Aaron was helping a neighbor dig a trench, so he wasn't keeping Eloise. Taking both kids sounded like a nightmare. Luckily, we were going in the early afternoon, since there was a Legend of the Five Rings (another card game we play) tournament that night. And, Zach didn't work until five. so, Zach got to babysit. I only got Shannon to agree to stay home by telling her Zach would take her and Eloise to the park. Still, glad we didn't have to take them.

At the store, Marissa was a little hesitant at first, cuz she doesn't shop like Amanda and I did. So we had to encourage her a bit. She was comfortable enough to go into the dressing room with me and Amanda like we usually do, sharing one big one so we don't have to prance around the dressing room in whatever. We changed and gave opinions and helped eachother pick what looked best. Marissa nearly go herself in trouble worrying about her belly hanging out over too tight shorts, when she was in a room with two women that have had babies. Yeah. that girl's so skinny she's got nothing to worry about. The clothes that Marissa picked out were so cute that Amanda and I seriously jumped up and down and squealed when we saw them on her. The whie apris are hers. She was hesitant about the white- white is SO stressful to wear- but they looked so good it had to be done. Amanda and I just got denim shorts and brightly colored tank tops. It was awesome. I got a whole outfit, and nothing Caleb could yell at me for, cuz I didn't spend any money to do it! I love clothes!

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