Monday, June 6, 2011


It’s nice to have friends. I remember in high school, before m y senior year, I remember hearing seniors at graduation talk to their friends like they weren’t ever going to see them again. I remember thinking, what are they so worried about? we’re friends, we’ll always be friends. I didn’t have any concept about what time and distance can do to a friendship. And when I got pregnant and married, and my friends went to different colleges, well. you know. It didn’t help that my pregnancy actually drove my best friend away. Megan, the perfect straight laced sheltered Mormon girl, couldn’t deal with it. My husband experienced a similar loss of contact with his friends.
And that’s where we come to Phoenix Fire Games. Some time ago, my little brother Zach introduced us to Magic: The Gathering, and we realized that we could go to game stores and play with other people. We started at ABU Games, made some friends, but became dissatisfied as the owner of that store is a douche bag. He plays in his own tournaments with his perfect deck he’s built using his store-owner privileges and then behaves like an ass to everyone. And then we noticed this sign that went up in a shopping center near our house. Phoenix Fire Games. We went in out of curiosity. It was small, and bare compared to ABU Games. We didn’t think much of it. But then Zach got word that they were going to do a draft tournament. We’d always wanted to do one, but ABU only ever did constructed. Zach, and my other brother, Corey, went and played. They loved it. so we went and played. we also loved it. The owners are fun and friendly, and gradually nerds started to collect there, people we had things in common with. And we made friends again. we have people over and we play games. It’s nice. So, I may have lost my high school friends, but now I have grown up friends…. I suppose you could call them that. considering the biggest thing we have in common is Magic: The Gathering….

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