Monday, August 13, 2012

Today's Rinoa Update

le sigh. the bump from the braided join is making me insane. It won’t be visible, it really won’t, but I keep running my fingers over it and it’s making me batty. I’m not gonna undo it, I’ve got like three inches of work past it and I’m just not redoing that. however, I think I have decided that from now on I’m going to end each ball of yarn at the edge and just leave ends that I can work into the seaming. because none of these “invisible” joins are invisible enough for me. I’m just that crazy.

Also, here's a quick image dump of the rest of the pieces of my Rinoa outfit that are just desperately waiting for the duster and the armwarmers:

An official replica of Rinoa's necklace that Marissa bought me for Christmas

Me, in all the pieces together

The third attempt at the shorts- yes, I had to do this three times.
I was learning to install zippers on them.  Finally got it figures out.  and yes, the zippers do really function.

The skirt.  I bought the fabric as what looked like denim tie-dyed with bleache and then dyed the living hell out of it
to get this color.

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