Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welp, there goes my self esteem and confidence in this project.

Look what I found:


And of course she says it's hand knitted.  god fucking damn.  she's so pretty.  it's incredibly unfair.  She's pretty, she looks just like Rinoa and even has the hand knitted duster and armwarmers.  In my opinion the colors just a touch dark, but that's a very small thing to nitpick overall. 

However, in looking for help on the Ravelry forums for the trim around the edges of the jacket, several people did agree that the duster doesn't look handmade, so maybe it's not.  maybe she lied.  that makes me feel a bit better.  but on the other hand, I kind of want to believe she made it, because I want to believe it can turn out that good.  Regardless, I will be using her pictures as reference, because whether or not this is hand made, this is how I want mine to look. 

I have a couple of different options for the trim based on advice from the Ravelry forums.
that's the post, in case I need it.

this is one person's advice, quoted from the post:
I doubt it was hand knit. But, you can match it because stockinette rolls to the sides, towards the WS. It’s not bias, it’s straight (bias is diagonal). Pick up sts all along the armhole. Cast on about 7 sts, maybe 8. Work stockinette, back and forth on tose 87 sts, working k2togs or ssks, so that the edging eats up one picked up stitch on every or row. You may have to work a few rows without decs, or with k3 togs, to keep all flat.
(on the left side, starting at arm pit, on the RS, pick up sts all around. Then cast on 7 onto the left needle, knitted on or backward loop, pulling the first tight, to join the circle. Then knit 6, ssk, turn, purl 7 (or slip 1 purl 6). Work the other side the same, but you will work the back, first.)

but that seems rather fiddly and like you might need to be a bit more experienced than I am... maybe? I dunno.  I might try it.  But I also had several people agree that it looked like a rather wide i-cord squished flat.  I don't know how to do i-cord, but someone posted some links for me: 
If you google icord you should find a host of sites on the technique. A few to start
also Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ‘Knitting Workshop’.

and I'm always up for learning something new.  I also had someone message me and suggest 1x1 ribbing, because that would cause it to fold neatly where I wanted it too, but I'm nnot sure if that would have the look that I want.

basically, what I've learned from all this is that I'm going to have some experimenting to do.

hmm.  I think leradny knit bias tape, but I'm not sure.  I'm gonna go look and see if I can figure it out.

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