Thursday, September 27, 2012

Done with the back panel! I'm so fricking excited!

After the 9th skein: and done!
didn't use the full skein to get the length.
total length: 56 1/2"
leaving it hanging up overnight to get some stretching out of the way. and I haven't bound it off yet in case I need to adjust length.
4 1/2" from this skein to hit the final length.  you can see there's a bit of the skein left.

After the 8th skein:
51 and 7/8" long total
6" even out of this skein

aand, those are my cute little toes in the first picture.  :)  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be done with this piece.  seriously.  soooooo tedious.  I've started the second front panel now.  it only takes three skeins so it shouldn't take too long.  I gotta tell you, though, I'm really worried about having enough yarn for the trim. I'm hoping the armwarmers will only take one skein each, then I'll have one left, which I desperately hope is enough for trim. I don't want to have to order more.  I guess if I do I can order extra for the shrug for the fanart thing I mentioned.

incidentally, this is the fanart I was talking about:
(source: )

already have a denim skirt and black belt, would need to make the tank and figure out what to do about the black stockings.  and knit the shrug.  I really want to make it from the same yarn that I'm using now so the armwarmers I'm already going to make would match it. I can't have two different yarns, it would make me crazy.

I figure I can buy a black tank and add zippers, and make a stencil for the white design and paint it on.  I'll probably make the tank cover my tummy though, pregnancy and a tiny bit of weight gain have made me very unwilling to show my stomach.  I already have a pattern picked out for the shrug too.  maybe I should just order more yarn now.... sigh.

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