Monday, September 24, 2012

My Neighbor Totoro

This guy was my first major crochet project after I taught myself how to do it.  I really need to make one for myself...

11/25/11 Marissa loves Totoro- well, all Miyazaki
movies. and Marissa is one of those sweet undemanding people who don’t ever want anything, but when they do they buy it themselves. so, at a loss for Christmas, I was really excited when I found this. I’ve bought the yarn and I’m ready to go. She’ll love it.

11/28/11 went up a hook size to a 4.0mm. the yarn did NOT like being yanked around on that 3.5 hook, and as this is only the first of my Christmas projects I decided to take it easy on my hands.

12/1/11 Body done! not stuffed yet, but Im doing this at work, so I didn’t have my stuffing with me. I’ll probably have to undo and redo the last few rows to stuff him, but I wanted to get it cut off so I could start on the limbs. Put his eyes in too, I’m pretty happy with them.

12/3/11 Yeesh, I’m gonna have a hard time giving this guy away. body is all assembled, eyes, nose, belly, Vs on the belly. He’s so frickin’ cute! I also have his ears and one arm made. I’m using RowanLore’s mods to the pattern for the ears and arms with a few tweaks of my own- on the ears, in the two places it says to crochet straight around I added an extra row of crocheting straight around in each spot- just for a little extra length and shape. On the arms I actually quit two rows early on the crocheting straight around part. I held them up to him, and it just seemed long enough. At the rate I’m going though, I think he’s only gonna take 2 skiens of yarn, and I bought 4. I may need my own. it also occurred to me that I could take a big hook and my favorite super bulky yarn and make myself a giant totoro as well. I may need a full set of the three for myself. After Christmas, of course.

12/5/11 just need to sew him together….

12/5/11 all done! Isn’t he sweet? and I was right, I was excessively paranoid and it took almost exactly 2 skeins of yarn when I bought 4. which means I have enough left to make a whole Totoro for myself! Later, of course…..

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