Wednesday, February 20, 2013

River's Sweater


So, I finished River's sweater.  first of all, the damn thing was huge. I knit it in the large size, aiming for a loose sweater, but I overdid it a bit.  So once I got it put together I actually had to put it through my sewing machine for the side seams and about halfway down the arms just so it would fit better.  That also means the neck is a bit wider than I wanted, and you can see the shoulder seam slides down my arm.

I had a slight moment of panic while knitting this.  After looking at the pictures I realized that River's sweater does not have a visible knit pattern, which made me wish I'd knit the thing in garter stitch.  However, upon completion of the pieces, I realized I was being silly and I could just use the purl side of the fabric and it would be fine.

I added about 5 sm of length to the body, and about that much to the sleeves, plus a little more on the tops.  I added a u-shape to the tops of each sleeve so they would hang over my hands. I don't think that's quite right for screen accuracy, but from what I could tell, the sleeves on her sweater are weird. My yarn is a bit too heavy as well, so my sweater's thicker than hers. but it's very soft and warm.

The skirt's not entirely perfect, the ruffle bother's me a bit, but I tried to make my own skirt and failed.  I can do it and will probably try again, I just don't want to buy more fabric right now.  This is two Goodwill finds that I messed with.  Originally I bought a dark blue and a bright green skirt.  they were cotton, so I knew I could mess with the colors.  So I bleached the living hell out of them.  However, I forgot to account for stitching, which does not change color, and incomplete color fading.  The green one, which I thought I would use for the white layer, faded to a pale lemon yellow, with green stitching all over.  not gonna fly.  However, the blue one actually faded to pink, and I figured as the bottom layer the blue stitching wouldn't be too bad.  The white skirt that I'm actually using was another Goodwill find, just had to clean a small stain out of it that wasn't a problem.  I don't really like to ruffle for what I'm trying to do, and I feel like the white skirt should maybe be slightly pink, or at least a little more sheer so the pink shows through. but that's mostly nitpicking.

anyways, there it is. I like it, mostly.

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