Thursday, February 14, 2013

She is the one... Sailor Moon!

So, this is my newest crocheted doll, just finished her today.  She is based on the same pattern I used to make Tinkerbell, with an actual Sailor Moon pattern I found here:

I tweaked it quite a bit and redesigned.  The pattern for Sailor Moon is very cute, all short and chubby, but I wanted a taller thinner one. so I mashed them together and changed things and this is the result.  It's for Shannon, naturally.  I will be making the rest of the Sailor Senshi, of course, and probably a Tuxedo Mask as well.

I'm going to add my notes of what I did different here just so they're easy to find.

please note: these are the changes I made.  They may not make a lot of sense just looking at them because they are based on starting from another pattern. I am not including all the details of the pattern here, because it's someone else's pattern, and she sells them.  I can't go giving out her patterns, that she's trying to sell, for free. If you want the pattern, (And I highly recommend it, her princess patterns are Adorable) you can buy them here:

start with the underwear part of the Tink pattern, stop at 12 sts ard, go straight from underwear to bodice
instead of first round of bodice, 2 sc in next st, 5 sc, rpt.
then sc 2x, sc 2 tog ard (sts may not work out evenly)
sc around
go to rd 2 of bodice, skip first 3 sc, do * to **, sc to end
follow pattern, still skipping the beginning sc sts of round. 

and honestly, the bodice shaping included in the Tink pattern is pretty unnecessary since the big bow covers it up anyways.  instead of going to round 2 of the pattern, you could just sc around once in white, then switch to skin color, sc around, and then start decreasing for the next two rounds for her neck.

sc through front loops on bodice around the top of the underwear- widest part- all the way round (I think this was 11 sts?)
sc, 2 sc in next st ard
dc, 2 dc in next st ard

ch 10, sew with middle in the center of forehead, add gem

only 8 sts across, 3 rows
3 rows of sc sts for straps

cap- follow patten, stop at 30 sts around.
       sc around 4x
for odangos: stop at 9 sts around, one round of sc around
pigtails- added 3 sts for length, did not do extra sc row across.

Bow: 6 sts across, 4 rows.
bow tails: make 2 for each bow: ch 5, dc in 3rd st, dc, dc, sew to back of bow

colors were figured out as I went along.  Arms are 3 rows of white, one of red, 3 of skin tone. I believe boots are (after foot) four rounds of red, one of white, 6 or 7 of skin, not sure, didn't pay attention.  Odango covers were embroidered on. added a circle of red yarn around her neck for her choker. embroidered with white yarn all the way around her waist at the top of the skirt and added the little white V in the front for accuracy.

Okay, I think that's everything about her.  That should allow me to fairly easily create the rest of the girls.  Sailor Chibi Moon might be an issue, just cuz I might make her smaller.  no, you know what? I won't.  cuz if I did then technically Saturn should also be smaller.  too much a hassle.  it doesn't matter that much.  None of that helps me with Tuxedo mask though.  I think he will be a challenge. I will be referencing the Prince Eric pattern (that I haven't made yet) to see if that helps.

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