Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

Here's Sailor Uranus.  She's almost exactly the same as Sailor Mercury.  Her boots I did like Jupiter's, blue until I got to 5 sts, and then I actually crocheted a ring through the front loops arount the tops of the boots to give them that cuff.  Her gloves are two rounds of white instead of three, one of blue and four of skin, since she has shorter gloves than the rest.

Sailor Neptune.  I did the same shortened gloves for her, and her shoes are two rounds of teal then skin the rest of the way up, like Sailor Mars', and then I used a needle and embroidered the ribbons on.  I was very careful to make sure the ribbon lies the correct way. Her hair was a bit of a hassle, because in order to get the color I wanted I had to actually get baby yarn, which is sport weight.  that meant I had to make up for the thickness.  I think I had to do a full two extra rounds on the top part, and she's got two additional strands in her hair.  It's very soft and it looks fine, it was just a pain to handle.

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